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Thank you for inquiring about membership in SBSdefense.com, a private website and database for defense attorneys with cases involving allegations of non-accidental head trauma. We hope you have had a chance to read through the outside pages of www.sbsdefense.com, especially the tutorial section and annotated bibliography. The general information will give you some background and an appropriate starting point for your research. Most of the articles that you would need are listed on our annotated bibliography and can be found in your local medical library, online, or from your experts.

The “Members Only” section is designed to give my clients easier access to the articles, motions, and transcripts that we and/or the experts recommend for use in each particular case. The website holds voir dire questions and questionnaires, Appellate Cases, Amicus Briefs, Investigation Worksheets, and Transcripts and Video Clips of Experts. It is currently being accessed by more than 400 public defenders, private attorneys, and doctors nation wide and abroad.

If you want to chat more about your case or whether the services would be something that would benefit you, I can be reached at Toni@2ndchairservices.com

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