The following is a list of educational and legal resources available for those falsely accused of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” or nonaccidental trauma. These are not websites or persons in any way affiliated with website or 2nd Chair Services. As such, we are not intending, by listing them here, to endorse or align ourselves with any of the statements or opinions made by them or their websites. This list is simply intended to aid interested parties in finding information, resources and alternative explanations to false allegations of abuse.


See our list of Attorneys who have practiced in the area of Childhood head Trauma.

Trial Consultants

Toni Blake JD MA JD MA
Shaken Baby Syndrome Consultant

(619) 234-8664

2nd Chair Services has provided support in many headline cases including more than 400 “Shaken Baby” cases. Their forte is in jury consultation, but they currently possess one of the largest libraries in the nation for defending false allegations of nonaccidental head trauma to children. 

Legal Resources

Kate Judson (Insert info here)
For case law and legal appeals:

Resources for Anatomical & Medical Information

Alternate Explanations


Bacterial meningitis is a rare, but very serious infection which attacks the blood stream. Once in the blood stream it can begin to cause serious damage to limbs and body appendages; it can also cause brain injury, severe intracranial bleeding and can, if left untreated, lead to death.

Blood clotting disorders can lead to easy bruising and internal bleeding with minor, accidental trauma. It can even lead to the misdiagnosis of child abuse (Scroll down the page for hematologic disorders).

Metabolic Disorders or Genetic Disorders


Glutaric Acideria-1 (GA-1)


The Global Vaccine Institute @

 Support for the Accused