Pro Bono Clinic

Dear Family/Friends of the Accused,

Thank you for your interest in was created in 2002 by jury consultant Toni Blake of 2nd Chair Services in San Diego, CA. This site was created to provide resources and information to those falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome or other nonaccidental trauma to a child. The “Members Only” section was created for clients (defense attorneys with valid bar cards only) in an attempt to help efficiently transfer transcripts, motions, articles and video clips to aid in trial preparation.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please have your attorney contact us. If you do not have an attorney, feel free to access our attorney page to find a one of our members in your area. Unfortunately, we do not have access to, or even know of any pro bono clinics or attorneys to date that accept Shaken Baby Syndrome cases.

Because of the volume of cases out there, we are not able to give referrals to experts, nor are we able to comment on any cases that we have not reviewed. Cases are eligible for review in one of two ways:

1. Current cases awaiting trial or juvenile court disposition may be reviewed only if the attorney contacts us and retains 2nd Chair’s services for review. Interested parties may forward the link below to their attorney.

Attorney Membership Info Page

2. Cases Post Conviction or on appeal may submit their transcripts and other discovery documents to our pro bono clinic for review as indicated below.

General Rules for Pro Bono Clinic Review

In order to be eligible to participate in this clinic, you will be required to submit certain information so that we may create a complete and accurate case file. This will allow us to review all of the relevant information and respond to you in the most prompt and efficient manner possible. As such, all questions and correspondence should be directed to our associates who will assist you all of the required information and prepare your case for Toni Blake to review. By participating in this Pro Bono program, you are agreeing to allow us to use your data for statistical analysis. This data is critical as we work to understand Shaken Baby Syndrome and to disprove many of its long-standing and unsubstantiated tenants.

Participants must submit the following:

– The baby’s birth records
– Well-baby checkup reports
– All hospital records and or autopsy reports (if applicable)
NOTE: Please do not submit any X-ray, CAT scan or MRI films.
– A timeline of the baby’s history (dates of falls, illness, etc.)
– Court transcripts
– Any available expert reports

Please organize all of these materials in a three ring binder with labeled tabs separating the various sections.

Once my staff has received all of information, and has determined that your file is complete, they will notify you and schedule a half-hour appointment for you to speak with Toni regarding your case. On average, we can schedule an appointment within one week of completing (not receiving) your case file. Please note that this may fluctuate depending on the number of applicants, as well as any current cases we have pending. We sympathize with the severity of your situation, but please try to understand that you are not alone. As part of this service, we will direct you to articles and other resources that may be relevant to your case. We will also try to accentuate key issues regarding your particular case.

2nd Chair Services does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the outcome of your case.

Please be advised that neither 2nd Chair Services, nor Toni Blake, will offer legal advice. Further, none of this information is intended to create a lawyer-client relationship. All records sent to our staff will not be returned. By signing over your records (or a copy), you give us permission to use the data contained in those records for our database. This information is confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Your personal identification details can only be shared in confidentiality with proper authority figures in the event that there is a question of scientific validity.

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