Thank you for visiting This site is owned and operated by 2nd Chair Services and Jury Consultant, Toni Blake. 2nd Chair specializes in the defense of those accused of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.”

Over the past 7 years, 2nd Chair Services has consulted on over 400 cases with allegations of SBS or nonaccidental trauma to children. During that time, we have gathered a vast amount of information on childhood head injuries in order to assist attorneys in the defense of those falsely accused of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” The “Members Only” section is designed to give clients easier access to the articles, motions and transcripts that 2nd Chair and/or the experts recommend for use in each particular case. The website holds voir dire questions, appeals, amicus briefs, investigation worksheets and video clips of experts. Currently, it is being accessed by more than 200 public defenders, private attorneys and doctors nationwide and abroad.

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